Romantic Vozdvizhenka – best places to walk in Kiev

Vozdvizenka – one of the most popular Kiev walking places so if you have time to walk over old part of Kiev city dont miss this area.

It is modern and at the same time very old area of Podil district. The firsts housings were based here in the period of Kiev Rus. This was the area of work and residence of medieval craftsmen. Potters, forge men, carpenters, stonecutters, furriers and others accommodated their homes and workshops near the Dniper river short distance to the port.

Medieval Kiev was very popular city for international trade as it stood on the way from Barbarians to Greeks, boasted highly developed manufacturing and had a big port ! So the local foremen could easily make deals with international merchants. Also going up over st. Andrews descent to the Upper city where medieval kings of Kiev Rus lived they supplied their fabrics to noblemen . Since then the streets on Vozdvizhenka are called after the professions of residents.

From the middle of 18th till 19th centuries the district was slowly occupied by aristocrats who built their glorious mansions here for living. In 1748 here was constructed a wooden church that was destroid by a great fire in 1811. Same year a new stone temple was established here and named The Church of Exaltation (Vozdvizheniya) of the holy cross. From this name a whole area also was called approprietly.

Unfortunately nothing remained from those times and the area was taken for rebuilt only in 2010. Nowadays Vozdvizhenka boasts bright small houses and narrow streets in old fashioned European manner.

This district became one of the most popular Kiev walking places among amorous couples, citizens and tourists. It is one of favourite locations for photographs and models. And if you got a bit tired you are welcomed to recharge entergies in such nice restaurants as Ohota na Ovest or Terrace.

Visiting Vozdvizhenka may be included to Touristic Kiev excursion program Ancient Kiev thus you may know more about this area.