Ukrainian cuisine. Best National dishes to taste

What does it mean for you “Travelling”? Booking hotels, buying tickets, and rushing through the streets for taking pictures!?  However, the main idea of going abroad is to experience a new culture, lifestyle and of course cuisine! Agree? All we are different; the same can be said about food habits of Ukrainians!

Ukraine is big, Ukrainian soul is vast, and Ukrainian cuisine is endless and unforgettable! If you feel yourself as a gourmet, ten out of ten, your heart and stomach will never forget Ukraine!

Getting started with the long list of dishes which you have to mention in your must-to-eat list, let’s get acquainted with all the ingredients of Ukrainian “bursting of taste” cuisine! Be ready to eat buns, pies, korovays, varenyky, galushky, pancakes, and of course different types of bread served with honey, poppy seeds and butter.

All types of food preparation are presented: boiling, simmering, frying, baking, and pickling. Speaking of salads and mixes, you will be offered to order picked vegetable plate or different kinds of sauerkraut.

A little bit more about a cooking process – the unique majority of dishes and groceries in national Ukrainian cuisine is achieved with the help of different thermal conditioning processes, different oil combinations, and traditional flavorings, spices such as onion, garlic, horse reddish, parsley, cumin, thyme etc. Black pepper, cardamom, cloves also are used.

If you travel somewhere in Europe and want to eat soup, it will be a nice challenge to find. But here, in Ukraine it one of the most essential and tasty part of the meal.  Are you vegetarian or vegan – do not be afraid, you will be absolutely satisfied with the variety of the menu.

Are you interested in our story?! Yes?

Now you are ready to read and remember all the most popular Ukrainian dishes! Out culinary tours start exactly from here:

Borsch – the unique type of soup, Ukrainian visiting card. Nobody knows how many recipes of borsch exists but if you travel across all Ukraine, the taste of this serving course will slightly differ!

Varenyky is one of the most interesting and like-no-other delicious meals in our many! Therefore, it is boiled dough with different stuffing such as potato, meat, mushrooms, vegetables, fruit, berries and so on. It serves with a great portion of sour cream (smetana).

Ready to go further?

Salo – everybody form a toddler knows in Ukraine what salo is! This is our national cuisine pride. You won’t be hungry, if you have salo at home! This is the true truth! Salo usually is served alone with an onion, garlic, and mixed grain bread. Or it can be used as pork cracklings or rinks! Believe me or not but you have to try it and experience all the taste “shades”.

Homemade sausage is the best thing for meat lovers! Combination of different meat types, salo and spices represents extremely intense flavor. You can also try stuffed fish, krovianka, golubtsi, pampushky, pliatsky….. this is never ending trip! Be sure to eat all the time while visiting Kyiv, and other cities of Ukraine.

Finally, famous all over the world – Chicken Kiev (kotleta po-kyivsky) – this is culinary muster piece! Delicate chicken fillet and butter rolled together, dipped in eggs and bread crumbs dressing and then fried with a huge amount of vegetable oil. This meal is enough to make your mouth water and fall in love with Ukrainian cuisine!


For sweet teeth travelers also there is an option! Kyiv Cake! For Ukrainians, this is the same as macarons or eclairs for Parisians!  Frozen cakes, buttercream, hazelnut, peanut, and cashew mix – all these ingredients will present sophisticated taste and give you the full representation of sweet preferences of Ukraine.

Well, the best piece of advice for you, my dear friend, is to be ready to walk and eat! You won’t be bored! Start with Kyiv and think what you are curious about. So many things to do in Kyiv but an integral part of your journey should be devoted to national food, traditions of cooking and also the way of eating and drinking!