Kiev Travel Tips – All you should know about Kyiv

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How often do you travel? How much time does it take you to fly away? Are you a quick thinker or slow-started? Are you familiar with planning or everything is always spontaneous?

Nowadays, trip planning is becoming a hobby for many people! Booking tickets, accommodation, transfers, medical insurances. However, what if something goes wrong, your own “system crashed down”. New country, new city, new language, new people – new you!

Today, TouristicKiev is your personal digital assistant! Let’s get started with the most useful Kiev travel tips!

Kiev Transport.

Once you visit Kiev, the first thing you need is local transport. Kiev is huge and the amount of vehicles is high. You may get on a bus, take yellow “marshrutka” Bogdan, listen to special tram song, go underground for metro ride or use taxi service.

Public transport is a great experience to feel the atmosphere of a daily routine of native citizens. Just go to the bus station, surf the Internet for an exact bus number or simply ask locals and get on. The price is cheap, among 6-9 UAH, tickets can be bought directly from a driver, sorry, no credit cards accepted.


Kiev Metro is very famous in Europe and all over the World because of the deepest subway Station Arsenal’na (105m underground) and one of the most beautiful stations – Zoloti Vorota. There are three metro lines that cross each other. Don’t be afraid to get lost because on each station you can find marks and maps. Kiev Metro is the quickest kind of transport (no traffic jam, only people jam) and, by the way, the cheapest – 5 UAH. According to the last rule, you can buy only one token at the ticket desk. If you have VISA, you can pay straightly at ticket barrier with VISA sign.

Taxi. If you don’t like public transport, you always can choose a taxi. Many companies provide safe and speed ride, you just need to call. If you have an Uber application installed – just use it! This service has many accessible cars around, will never cheat you with the price and allows payment by credit cards or PayPal.

Accommodation in Kiev.

The touristic industry of Kiev is rapidly developing. Thus, there are many options where you can stay for a living. Depending on your own preferences, it can be hotel, apartment, hostel or even Couch Surfing accommodation.

Talking about hotels there are numerous alternatives to any taste and budget. You can choose elite 5star hotels such as Premier Palace, Hyatt, Intercontinental etc; Take a comfortable middle class, for example, Khreshchatyk, HolidayInn, Senator, Ukraina or accommodate at more economy 3star hotels, for example, Ibis, Rus, Kazatskyi and many other. In addition, Kyiv is growing with rather small but fashionable and very cozy boutique hotels like 11 Mirror, Opera, Vozdvizhenskii etc.

The other way is to rent an apartment. It is much cheaper but still can be very comfortable as here you can also choose the level of design, number of rooms and ask for some extra service like every day cleaning.

Location. After choosing a category, you should make a decision on location. Touristic Kiev would advise you to accommodate at the city center or at least near the metro – it will be most safe, comfortable and fast for getting to any point.

Ukrainian Money.

It doesn’t matter where are you from and what is your national currency. In Ukraine, we use Hryvnya. Nevertheless, don’t be afraid to stay without money. In Kiev, there are plenty ATMs and currency exchange spots working 24/7. Therefore, you can get Ukrainian cash anytime. Moreover, today you can pay by card almost everywhere: hotels, restaurants, bars, cinemas, shops.

Things to do in Kiev for leisure.

Kiev is a live city – you will never be bored here. Every day is scheduled, no weekends, no breaks in big city life. Kyiv is 24/7 fun!

Cinemas, theatres, museums are open for you. Exhibitions and workshops can catch your attention. Walking and admiring the city is a must thing to do here. Take a local guide or discover Kiev sight by your own. In any case you will get amazed with greenery and architecture. If you are tired and just need a sip of coffee for charging, you are in the right place. Coffee culture in Kiev is fast growing. Cafes, street coffee spots are open for you.

Feel hungry?

Well, in Kyiv it’s not a problem to find the right place for the any taste! Street cafes, creative hubs, vegetarian spots, fast-foods, exclusive and national restaurants! What the issue! Everything depends on your mood – Kyiv is the city of variety!

Shopping malls are up-to-date attractions in Kiev! In every district of the city, you will be able to visit the modern place of meeting, shopping, eating! Skymall, Gulliver, Ocean Plaza, Dream Town are city giants with own nature of time flowing.

All your actions can be located in one place starting from the breakfast up to swimming in Aqua Park. Pharmacy, currency exchange, grocery shops are also located in Kiev malls. If you want to a take a little break in experiencing Kiev, our piece of advice – go to shopping mall and dive into the atmosphere of business, sales, and aesthetic enjoyment.

Packing a bag.

Let me ask you a question. While packing a suitcase do you care more about costumes or cosmetics? Wardrobe would be a right decision! First of all check the weather forecast before the trip and take appropriate clothing. But note that weather can make surprises so prepare several variants of garment according to the season. And secondly Ukrainian people are very stylish folk. We always try to look good and pay attention to other people’s clothing. It’s especially important if you plan to have dates or go out to fashionable clubs and restaurants. Ukrainian capital has diligent beauty culture.


Talking about Ukrainian rush to fashion we have to note that there are lots of pleasant moments. Beauty and SPA industry are highly developed in Kiev! If you need an ideal haircut or make-up, you can easily find a salon with an excellent service! Relaxing SPA, massages, cosmetology – everything available. Put a date on your calendar and spend one day on the beauty wave! You will be positively surprised with the high level of service, competence and very loyal prices!

Ukrainian people.

You know, traveling to another city or country is very exciting. However, it takes great efforts. And first of all, the most stressful can be communication! You can book, buy, schedule whatever you need but the only thing you can’t predict is people! Nothing to worry – Ukrainians are peace-loving people. We are friendly, sincere and open-minded. Don’t know how to get to the city center, forget bus number and feel puzzled with the route, or even more being lost? Just ask near standing person for a help, showing the address or photo of the place. Ukrainian people are always ready to help.

Safety. Never be afraid of staying in public, you always will be safe walking in Kyiv because Ukrainians are humane people! We don’t have racism and are absolutely loyal to different cultures and religions. The only piece of advice total safety is take care about your wallet in overcrowded places. Be careful about money when you party and drink alcohol, don’t bring to much cash. Remember you always can use cards to avoid pickpockets.


Sometimes you could face little misunderstanding because of language barrier. Most of Ukrainians understand English but find it hard to explain! If you need anything – pay attention to younger generation. Influenced by mass globalization they understand the importance of international English language and study it more actively. Thus you have more chances to get understood ))

Hope our Kiev travel tips were useful for you!

Sincerely yours,

Touristic Kiev

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    As an initiative to promote Ukraine tourism and promote Ukraine as a tourist destination worldwide, we have working on our new portal , and we are getting a lot of queries from India particularly. However situation with visa on arrival for indians remains quite sceptical. Though it’s already implemented but immigration may still choose not to allow them in and there is no certain criteria on basis of which we can be sure they would be allowed to visit. So I would suggest those who are responsible to clear the air so we are certain and we can Invest in promotion of Ukraine.