Things to do in Kiev – Best ideas for winter leasure in Kiev

If you arrive to Kiev, have some free time for leisure but catch bad weather that is not really good for going out Touristic Kiev picked for you the best things to do in Kiev in winter  .

  1. kiev aquaparkCovered aquapark. Great idea to have fun with friends or take a good relaxation in a small company. Today there two operating aqua parks in Kiev – Dream Town at Obolon and Terminal in Brovary town. They both are covered and have comfortable air and water temperature all year long. The places accommodate multiple zones for any taste – different slides for active fun, worm Jacuzzis, swimming pools, several kinds of saunas to relax, bars just inside of swimming pools allowing to enjoy your drink and worm water like it would be on summer resort and of course snack areas. Both aqua parks are beloved by citizens but Touristic Kiev would advise Dream Town. It has more spacious area decorated in Jungle style, have a bit more attractions, better food zone and is much closer from Kiev city center.
  1. karting kievCovered karting. Karting became very popular attraction among Kyiv citizens so you may find rather good choice of places to ride. Different centers offer both open air tracks as well as covered ones so you may enjoy the speed any time of a year. This kind of activity gives a healthy doze of adrenaline and allows to release pent-in emotions. The most popular covered karting centers are located in Blockbaster entertaining mall, Ingul Kart at Atmosfera trace-entertaining center and Terminal in Brovary.


  1. karaoke kievKaraoke. Very popular point in a list of things to do in Kiev. Singing is not only pleasant and fun but also very good for health. Along with the music you let your emotion go, you share some hidden feelings and purify your soul. In Kiev there are a lot of Karaoke bars of any style and level. Usually they are accommodated in separated halls of clubs and restaurants.  Among the middle class mostly known karaoke bars are L’Kafa, Mafia and Shooters. More elite places are Famous Club, Moskva, Serebro, Leo Club and many others!
  1. massage3SPA. What can be better after hectic day or stressful week then enjoy massage, relax in a worm Jaccuzi or heal your body in comfortable sauna or Russian bath. Touristic Kiev team already picked the best sauna places in Kiev for you. So you may choose the one you like and enjoy.



  1. fashion in ukraineFashion and beauty – Ukrainian people are very attentive to their looks. They try to follow fashion, buy stylish clothes and regularly visit beauty salons. Thus Kiev boasts numerous shops, trade center, designer show rooms, beauty, hair dressing and manicure salons to satisfy such a great demand. For men it became very fashionable to visit barber shops. Moreover Ukrainian beauty specialists provide very high quality service for reasonable prices. So Kiev is really perfect place to take care about your appearance. The most popular shopping centers here are Ocean Plaza and Dream Town. And if you need more assistance on this kind of leisure you may consider our Fashion tour.
  1. Bowling – nice idea to have fun in a good company of friends. Spend evening in the atmosphere of friendly competition – who would win this time?! And no need to be a professional to enjoy the game. The beginners enjoy the game lot less then more experienced participants. And of course a good portion of good mood and laughing is guaranteed here.
  1. Cinema. Ukrainian people understand the importance of studying English. English courses, speaking clubs, games and cinemas in English are getting more and more popular. So you may easily find a an possibility to watch a film in English in one of Kiev cinemas.
  1. Ice or roller skating. Almost every trade-entertaining center has a space for ice and/or roller skating and in winter time many squares are getting equipped for open air ice-skating to support Christmas mood during all season ))
  1. Concerts, theater, Opera, Ballet. A capital of Ukraine would be impossible without cultural life. And even if you don’t speak Russian and can’t understand performances lead on local language it won’t be a problem for you. We have very many musical and dance events that are international for understanding.
  1. shooting in kievShooting club – one favorite activities and best things to do in Kiev for men. In Kiev we have clubs welcoming to shoot with real pistols and guns of different kinds. Notable that in one club during one session you have an opportunity to try several guns.




  1. Air tube – very new attraction that already got its fans among Ukrainians. The duration of one session is not too long – it may vary from 2 to 20 minutes on your choice. But it will be very memorable and guarantee best emotions that you will never forget!
  1. Museums and exhibitions. To continue the topic of culture we can’t drop out of attention Kiev museums and exhibitions. We have numerous on any taste – regular and eventual, modern and traditional, cultural, historical and artistic, devoted to distinguished people and events.
  1. kiev restaurantsCafes, bars and restaurants. And of course a traditional and most popular way to spend time is going out to some restaurant. Kiev is full with establishments of any kind – posh restaurants on any kind of cuisine, worm cozy cafes, loud bars and relaxing lounges. Be sure in Kiev you will easily find a good place on any taste and budget to spend your free time and get worm in a cold day.



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