St. Andrews descent – most beautiful Kiev street

St. Andrews descent – the most mysterious, beautiful and famous street in Kiev. Numerous historical facts and legends are connected with it. The name of the street comes from apostle Andrew who fixed the cross on the top of the hill and predicted establishment of a great city. Today a gorgeous St. Andrew’s church overlooks that hill and adorns the descent.

Since middle ages and Kiev Rus times st.Andrew’s descent was the shortest way connecting Upper Town with Podil area. At the beginning of 18 century the path was widened and became available not only for pedestrians and horsemen but also for carts and wagons.

Most buildings appeared here at the cusp of 19 and 20 centuries. Also here you may find Richard the Lion castle, Bulgakov museum , One Street Museum , numerous galleries, antiquary and souvenir shops. The street was renewed in 2012. During this reconstruction several historical buildings were destroyed in commercial aims for further modern constructions. But still this street saved an unique atmosphere of old city where one can buy traditional Ukrainian souvenirs and take a rest in one of nice restaurants.

Also two iron staircase are leading from the street to the Zamkova and Vozdykhalnitsa hills from which tops you may enjoy nice city views.

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