St. Andrew’s church – a pearl of baroque style in Kiev

St. Andrew’s church is famous among citizens and tourists for its amazing beauty that often compared with the pearl in architecture. The church is called after apostle Andrew. According to the legend the apostle passed his way through this hill and fixed the crox anticipating errection of great City.

During the centuries after Kiev baptizing on this place were built and ruined several wooden churches. But in 18th century empress Elizabeth requested to construct here a stone church that adorns city till nowadays since 1754. Along with Mariinskiy palace it aimed to become a part of tsar residance.

The church was built according to the project of famous architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli but the construction itself was put to local architect Michurin who managed the process and brought essential adaptations to the basic project. Note that the engineering of the church was very difficult because of complicated location on the hill and underground waters. To fix the church there was developped a solid foundation with two storey stylobate – basis building that also served for accommodating priests. This stylobate construction also serves like a panoramic platform that opens a  view to Podil and st. Andrew’s descent. Also there were established stairs that made the church looking even more fluffy then expected. In general a great number of international, Russian and Ukrainian specialists were attracted for st.Andrew’s church construction, decoration and interrior painting and adornment.

It is the only one church in Kiev that doesnt have bell tower or cupola. It is because accodring to the basic idea the temple was expected to serve only aristocracy and high society who would be invited for divine service individually.

Today st. Andrew’s church is operating Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox temple.

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