Sahaidachnoho Street – place full of life and events

Sahaidachnoho – one of the most popular streets on Podil . More than 200 years it connects Post and Contract squares. On account of its location nearby the port it always kept a commercial character. Sahaidachnoho street always placed numerous offices, agencies, bars and residential hotels. During the existence the street experienced numerous changes. Several times it changed name, looks and length.

The street got its present structure after the fire of 1811. Only several buildings survived the fire. Two of them were mansions of famous Kiev confectioners Balabukhas. Today you may one of them on #27 standing a bit out of the line.

From 1787 till revolution Balabukha family successfully ran business on dry fruit jam manufacturing. Semen Balabukha got a recipe from Swedish confectioner who visited Kiev, broke a leg and stood here for treatment. The confectioner noticed that local fruits are perfect for cooking dry jam, candies and succades. He shared the skills with some locals. Semen Balabukha was one of the students. Thanking to his talent successful manufacturing was set up, the business was developed and supported by sons. Balabukhas product became famous not only all over Kiev but also got worldwide fame and even some international prizes.

In 1820-1830th the street was built up with 1-2 story buildings that were made of stone on the bottom and wooden by the top. By the beginning of 20th century all buildings were reconstructed and got todays look. Lower levels were used for shops and offices, higher levels were residential. Almost all of them came till nowadays and have important historical and architectural value.

Sahaidachnoho street begins with the church of the Nativity constructed in 1810-1814 according to the project of Melenskiy architect. In 1935 it was destroyed by Bolsheviks and recently restored.

The street is also famous for the first in Russian Empire electric tram. It was launched here in1896 and connected Podil with Khreshchatyk. In 1977 the line was removed, only monument remained here reminding about that tram.

Nearby building #3 in 1904 there was launched a funicular connecting Post square with Upper Town. It works till nowadays and plays role of popular public transport and tourist attraction.

The street got the present name in 1989 in honor to great hetman Petro Konashevich Sahaidachniy who got fame for outfighting Turkish-Tatar army in 1620 near Khotyn. He was also highly respected for supporting Ukrainian culture and orthodox religion.

Today the street is most famous for numerous restaurants, cafes and clubs. On weekends it gets closed for traffic and becomes pedestrian. Walking over Sahaidachnoho street is incuded to Ancient Kiev tour