10 reasons to visit Kiev – capital and real heart of Ukraine

10 reasons to visit Kiev – capital and real heart of Ukraine🇺🇦

1. Center of Ukrainian life 👉🏼. Ancient city that started existence more than 1200years ago today can boast great historical, cultural, urban, political, economic and recreation value. And of course it is one of the most beautiful cities in Ukraine.

2. History 👉🏼. It is a motherland of Kievan Rus, from here a loose state developped. It came through the ages becoming a part of great events and brought a lot of unique establishments from different times of its history.

3. Architecture 👉🏼. There is uncountable number of glorious mansions, unique buildings, ancient churches and monasteries, graceful monuments in Kiev making the city grand and cozy at the same time

4. Kiev is truly green city 👉🏼 . Visit Kiev and you will enjoy greenery of squares, parks, yards and gardens everywhere – even in the very center of city. Moreover don’t forget that Kiev stands on Dnipro river. Thus it has numerous beach and recreation zones in the city border and on the countryside. Come to Kiev and you will be amazed with great number of green areas here.

5. Religious center 👉🏼. Enormous amount of churches, monasteries and temples of different times are making Kiev a center of orthodox belief. Worldwide known Kiev Pechersk lavra and st. Sophia cathedral that were inscribed to UNESCO herriate along with st. Volodymyr and st. Michael cathedrals are ttracting piligrimsfrom all over the world.

6.Nightife and Parties  👉🏼 Being a capital, Kiev attracts young people, students and party lovers from all over Ukraine and world. Entertainment programs on any taste are open for you here. Bars, pubs, live music places, concert halls, night clubs, restaurants, karaoke and festivals welcome visitors every day and night.

7. Any amusements for resonable price 👉🏼. Kiev offers lots of entertainments on any taste boasting at that very competitive price in comparison to other European countries. Those who prefer relax and calm atmosphere can enjoy good SPA or massage salon. Those who prefer active leisure may take a walking tour over the city, ride a bike, visit aqua-park or attend some festival. Extreme lovers can have a good fun on carting, quad cycling or shooting center, go for rope jumping, parachute jumping or wakeboarding. And if you prefer VIP and private entertainment – yachts, helicopters and air-balloons are waiting for you.

8. Culture  👉🏼. If you want to know Ukraine but have limited time, Kiev is a right place to discover culinary and lifestyle aspects of Ukrainians. The main thing is to know right places.

9.Beauty and Fashion  👉🏼come to Kiev and see how stylish and beautiful people live here. Everyone is trying to look best as he can and you also can join this rush for fashion. Shops, boutiques, beauty salons and cosmetology centers are open here every day and you will be astonished by high quality and loyal prices of local specialists.

10. Romance 👉🏼Kiev is a city where you will definitely feel love. Comfortable restaurants, cozy squares, narrow streets, friendly people and numerous alternatives for spending good time will make you fall in love with life! And never forget that Ukraine is famous for many beautiful brides. So you have all chances to find love here. Main thing to find the right agency!

So waiting for you to visit Kiev and lets discover this beautiful city together!