kiev sightseeing

Kiev sightseeing – all city in one day


If you come Kyiv but have very tight schedule, if you have only one day but still want to see as much as possible in Ukraininan capital – take this excursion! Only in 8 hours you will see the most spectacular sights and will hear the most important stories of our city. We will cover three oldest Kyiv districts which give very clear and entire understanding about city development during the centuries.

If you have limited time for Kiev sightseeing but still want to discover beauty and history of city, we offer you to take this excursion. Only in 8 hours you will see the most spectacular sights and will hear the most important stories of it.

The tour consists of three parts: Upper city, Podil and Pechersk. These three districts are the cradle of today’s modern Kyiv and take their origin from Kyiv Rus era and earlier. Each of the districts has its unique history, heritage assets and spirit which will be consistently opened to you. You will pass through the Old-Kyiv hill, where princes and boyards resided; trade and manufacturing Podil that was a great center of city commercial life for centuries; and of course will get acquainted with Pechersk – famous for holy caves and temples of Kiev Lavra Monastery

Moreover during the tour you will enjoy beautiful panoramic views from best sightseeing spots, green parks, squares, and numerous unique buildings. Everything will make a wonderful tour through the history for you.

And dont worry that 8 hours may seem too tiring for you. We will have rather relaxing and friendly comminication, no hurries and worries. Any time when you fell tired, cold, hot, hungry we will make short stops for nice coffe/lunch breaks. And on another hand dont worry to miss any essential point. The shcedules and time limits are well calculated and we will catch all that is planned. The only advice to start in the morning (especially in winter time)!

START LOCATION: pick up from your accommodation place

FINISH LOCATION: drop off to your accommodation place

SIGHTS TO SEE: Golden Gates , Saint Sophia cathedral, st. Michaels cathedral, monument to princess Olga, St. Andrew’s church, st. Andrews descent, Independence square, Khreshchatic, Podil area , Post square, funicular, Contract square, Pirogoshcha church, Mohyla academy,Contract House , Dniper enbankment, World War II museum and Mothrland statue, Kiev Pechersk Lavra Monastery , park of Glory, Eternal Fire, Mariinsky palace and park , Arch of Friendship, Puppet Theatre and many other

PRICE: 200$ for 8 hours tour up to 3 people, +40$ for each additional persom


  • english speaking guide service during 8 hours
  • all city transfers
  • entrance tickets on the route

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8 hours