secretary in kiev for a day

Kiev secretary assistance and Daily support


Make your business in Kiev going smooth and prosperous. Sometimes small casual things take too much time and efforts, especially if you run business in a foreign coutry! That is why its so important to have a well trusted reliable assistant who would care about your daily conserns and make you feel safe, assured and most comfortable.

Secretarial support on small ordinary things is very impostant for making thing going right. Especialy if you are a business men in a foreign coutry! That is why, to make you feel safe, assured and most comfortable we are glad to offer you the service of everyday assistance. Take Kiev secretary and feel like a local in your business affairs.


Order this service and get a professional english speaking secretary in Kiev for your every day disposal. You may request a professional with speacial working skills and we will provide you with the appropriate canditate.

Kiev secretary service may Include

  • Interpreting
  • translating
  • information research
  • finding necessary contacts
  • find and give information on establishments and institutions
  • arrange transfers
  • tickets and any other reservations on request
  • calls
  • advising, assistance and accompaniment.

PRICE: 200$ for a working day (up to 8 hours)

300$ for 2 working days

600$ – 5 working days

1200$ per month

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8 hours

  • Robert

    My trip become sucessuffully perfect, and without you it havent been so. I am vary happy with your help and that you show me everything there .