Ukrainian cuisine. Best National Kyiv restaurants

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After describing main characteristics of Ukrainian gastronomic culture where we described the best national dishes to taste, let’s move on with our online excursion over the best Kyiv restaurants which will help you feel the atmosphere of our nation and partake the most tasteful and delicate food!

But firstly, take a little quiz!

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So, if you’ve got more YES than NO, you will definitely like the Touristic Kiev selection of places to go out for eating and this article will assist in making your choice.

  1. Tsarske Selo.

Tsarske Selo is the oldest and the most popular restaurant, which presents national Ukrainian cuisine and the food culture model. Once getting in, Ukrainian atmosphere and tradition will capture your attention immediately! All the courses are prepared strictly according to the ancient recipes. Tsarske Selo is a perfect representation of a 17th century Ukrainian village. Furthermore, this Kyiv restaurant boasts great central location just near Kyiv Pechersk Lavra Monastery and World War II museum thus it can be great place to dine after walking around this area.

Address: 22 Lavrska St., Kiev

  1. Hutorets na Dnipri

One more legendary restaurant founded in 1998. The main feature is that place stands on the river Dnipro! Hutorets is a part of La Famiglia chain and is truly Ukrainian restaurant. The variety of dishes  and courses taken from diffferent regions of Ukraine is marvelous. Ukrainian varenyky, banosh, borsch, lard, dumplings, cheesecake and even Kiev cake can be found in the menu. In addition, during the worm season you can stay on their summer terrace and enjoy gorgeous view to the river. You will get unforgettable memories after visiting Hutorets.

Address: 10A Naberezhno-Khreschatytska St., Kiev

  1. Zaytsi (Chasing two hares)

This is not a restaurant; this is the legend of Kiev. Zaytsi is situated in the old city center, approximately next to St. Andrew’s Church. The menu of this restaurant represents modern and traditional Kiev cuisine. Why Kiev? Because here you can try Ukrainian, Jewish, Bulgarian and Moldavian dishes which combination created Kyiv culinary traditions. Moreover rich interior of Chasing two hares gives an opportunity to know more about pre-revolutionary Kiev, immerce into the atmosphere of city aristocracy that reigned here in 19-20 centuries.

Address: 34 Andriivskyi Descent, Kiev

  1. Kanapa

Kanapa is an ideal example of the restaurant that depicts the combination of the authentic recipes and modern technologies (speaking about molecule cuisine). Looking for an ability to get new experience in eating and find new hints of taste? Kanapa is your option! Noting that in addition to extraordinary presentation you will be impressed by rich interior and dignified service.

Address: 19 Andriivskyi Descent, Kiev

  1. Ostannya Barycada

Ostannya barykada is an artistic and gastronomic place. If you feel yourself free and ready to communicate with soulmates, this restaurant is your must-visit. Here you can feel the mood of rebelliousness and revolution. Barycada represents a new generation, which was born as a result of three Ukrainian revolutions (Student Revolution on the Granite 1990, Orange Revolution 2004 and the Revolution of Dignity (Euromaidan) 2014). One more interesting fact than Barycada is 100% Ukrainian Bar, products and serves great Ukrainian delicacies of old and modern times!

Address: Independence Square, near the gate Lyadsky

  1. Pervak.

Pervak is 100% Ukrainian place. All types of national cuisine, as well as drinks, are served here. Interior depicts all Ukrainian historical preferences of 20th century. Pervak is divided into several halls. Each represents a bygone era of Kiev development. This restaurant is ideal for business meeting and meals as well as private or family evenings.

Address: 2 Rognedinskaya St., Kiev