Mariinsky palace – a noble residence for sightseeing

Famous in Kiev Mariinsky palace is another magnificent baroque style creation . It was constructed in cooperation of two talented architects – Bartolomeo Rastrelli and Ivan Michurin.  Rastrelli developed the project and Michurin managed construction process on a site. Originally the palace was called Tsarskiy. It was built in the middle of 18 century on request of Empress Elisabeth who thus never got an occasion to visit it.

Some period it served a residence for Kiev governor generals. But at the beginning of 19 century it essentially suffered from fires and stood half ruined almost 50years. Only in 1870th for the demand of Emperor Alexander II it was reconstructed and re-named after Empress Maria (Alexander’s wife). After renovation the palace got luxurious marble stairs and splendid parquet floor with different kinds of wood making beautiful images. The interior of palace was also decorated with paints, statues and sculptures. A territory around the palace was refined too. It turned out into spacious green park with the fountains and panoramic platform. Today this park is highly beloved by citizens and called Mariinskiy.

Mariinsky palace essentially suffered during the World War II and was reconstructed in 1940th, then in 1980th and last time in 2016! Its modern look with light turquoise walls and white molding is very close to the original. Today along with the House with Chimeras the palace serves a ceremonial residence of president. The most valuable political receptions take place here.

Getting acquaintance with this beautiful sight is included to Excursion of “Aristocratic Pechersk“. So hope to see you soon and let’s discover Kiev together!

  • The palace is currently closed for renovation as of April 2016 as we discovered when we went there! It s situated in Mariinsky Park which is very beautiful and well worth a visit.