Klov Palace – a residence of justice

Klov Palace is another glorious building in Pechersk Lipki area. It was constructed in the middle of 18th century and had to become a residence for tsar family representatives while they visited Kiev. Klov palace was built at the lands and on the order of Kiev Pechersk Monastery and was expected to become a competitor to Mariinskiy palace that was constructed on behalf of city government. In result two palaces were established in Kiev at the same time. Klov palace lost the competition and never served its original assignment. Instead it accommodated numerous other institutions during the history. After the establishment the palace was surrounded by beautiful linden (Lipa) grove with alleys. Unfortunately a beautiful linden park didn’t exist long but the name of the area “Lipki” kept till nowadays.

Klov Palace was several times reconstructed. Originally it had two stories but after the fire of 1863 and further rehabilitation it got the third floor. Then the palace essentially suffered during the civil war in 1919 and then again from the fire.

In 2009 after passing to governmental ownership and sensible reconstruction a Supreme Court of Ukraine got located here. The palace is beautiful not only from outside, it also has spectacular interior decorations in the rooms.

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