Kiev is impossible without Podil

Kiev Podil is one of the main and oldest city ditricts.  Its name comes from the location. It means that the area lays on the bottom of Upper Town where kings, princes and court nobility lived.  From ancient times Podil was a center of  manufacturing and trade. Kiev craftsmen were residing and working here with easy rech to the Port. In medieval times Kiev port was a center of gratest trade rout “From Varangians to the Greeks”. Kiev crafsmen had a big fame for the quality of their products and unique tecnologies that they mastered. So all these trade-manufacturing processes took place at Podil area.

In the 13 century after the invasion of Tatar-Mongols Podil became the major part of Kiev as other ditricts of city were almost totally ruined. The city recovered very slowly and life of Podil was not simple too. It regularly suffered from river floods in spring time and fires. Wooden buildings were very close to each other so the fire in one place easily spread to neighbour houses during summer heat. But the greatest tragedy happaned in 1811. Almost all Podil with more than 2000 houses, 12 churches and 3 monasteries were distroyed by the greatest fire in Kiev history. After this event Podil was reconstructed with stone buildings and got its modern system  of streets.

Contract Square became the central part of Podil locating such great establishments as Kiyv-Mohyla academy, Contract House, Hosting Court (Gostiny Dvor), Greek Monastery, Pirogoshcha , monument to Hryhoriy Skovoroda, Hetman Sahaidachniy and Samson Fountain.

The second key area of Podil is the Post square. Here you can get aquainted with city Port, Funicular and Church of the Nativity and of course pass along cosy Sahaidachnoho street.

History of Kiev Podil hides a lot of interesting places and stories!  And of course you can discover more of them on our excursion programs Ancient Kiev tour and Kiev sightseeing tour .