Here you may find a list of the most interesting Kiev museums. They are absolutely different and each have its unique feature. So from here averyone may find a couple suitable places to visit.

  • Bulgakov museum – St Andrew’s descent is popular for its history and unique buildings going along the street. One of such famous houses is Michail Bulgakov museum. During 10 years a talented writer rented here a room for work and living. The museum boasts about 3000 authentic objects. 500 among them were owned by the writer himself. Notable that in “The white guard” romance Bulgakov described this particular house as a place of Turbiny family residence . Touristic Kiev passes by this museum while its Ancient Kiev tour and it can be included to your program.

bulgakov museum

  • Pirogovo– «national museum of folk architecture” is located on a spacious land of 150 hectares. It hosts the samples of architecture and authentic items of rural life taken from all the regions of Ukraine. The museum started hosting the visitors since 1976 but continuously extends exposition with new objects. Here you may find traditional houses, mills, wooden churches, schools and many other objects dated 18-19 centuries. Today the museum accounts more than 300 architectural monuments. The name comes from a village that existed here from 17 century. Touristic Kiev offers excursion program to this place. Join us !


  • Museum of micro-miniatures. Unique millimeter-sized creations of talented artist Nikolai Siadristiy impress imagination. Hard to believe but all the exponents are hand-made and created with unique technology for each item. Here you will see a rose inside the hair, camelcade in a needle’s eye, micro bas-relief featuring a portrait of famous ballerina on a part of cherry bone (3×4 millimeters size), golden mill on a half of a poppy seed, the smallest book in the world “Kobzar” of 0,6 millimeters size having 12 pages with text and pictures!!! And many other unique objects. This museum is located on the territory of Kiev Pechersk Lavra and it can be included to our Excursion program while visiting the Monastery.

museum of micro miniatures

  • Museum of historical treasures is also known as the Scythian gold museum. The exposition includes golden bijou from ancient East where you can admire delicate earrings, bracelets, pendants, cups and bowls made by Sarmatian foremen. The main treasure of the museum is Golden Pectoral (dated 4 century b.c) featuring scenes from scythans life. Also here you may see handworks of Old Russian jewelers, manufactures of 14-16 centuries and precious devotional items representing Ukrainian art of 17-18 centuries. This museum is located on the territory of Kiev Pechersk Lavra and it can be included to our Excursion Program while visiting the Monastery.

museum of historical treasures

  • Water museum – one of the newest and unusual museum located in an underground of the first city water tower. The building was the main waterbowl 140 years ago and the tower itself is an architectural monument of 19 century. Museum also operates like technical exhibition where visitors may interact with exponents. Here water is demonstrated in all its substances – water on a surface, water underground, showed hydrologic cycle, the process of deglaciation, study rains, waterfalls and may other. Touristic Kiev passes by this museum while its Aristocratic Pechersk Tour  and it can be included to your program.

water museum kiev

  • Experimentarium –popular science and technique entertaining center of 1400sq.m. space. More than 250 exponents demonstrate the features of nature and cover the main sections of physics including mechanics, electricity and magnetics, optics, acoustic, molecular physics and anatomy! And most important that here you can not only observe the phenomenon but also make experiments by yourself.


  • One street museum – dedicated to the history of st. Andrews descent and its residents. This small but replete museum has rich exposition filled with documents, manuscript, old cards, photos and great number of old furnishings. An essential part of attention is given to interesting stories, events and legends of the street. Several window cases tell about st. Andrew’s church, Richard the Lion castle and other buildings. Touristic Kiev passes by this museum while its Ancient Kiev tour and it can be included to your program.

one street museum

  • The National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War is a memorial complex commemorating the events of German-Soviet War. The complex was established in 1981 at Pechersk district on the hills above the river. It is one of the biggest Kiev museums and all over Ukraine occupying 10 hectares area and boasting more than 300thouthand exponents. Here you may find the most famous monument to Motherland having 102 meters hight.

kiev motherland statue

We hope you got interested in some Kiev museums and will enjoy time spent in our beautiful city