Kiev airports – Useful tips for Borispol and Zhuliany arrivals

Те kiev Airports – Useful tips for borispol and Zhuliany

«Дамы и господа! Это ваш капитан, говорящий! Мы уже начали процедуру спуска в Украинский международный аэропорт! Солнечная погода! И желаем вам приятного пребывания в Киеве! »



Путешествие – это всегда новое начало! Вы открыты для неизвестной страны, городов, людей и традиций! Какая первая остановка !? Конечно, аэропорт! В Украине есть два основных аэропорта: Международный аэропорт «Борисполь» и Международный аэропорт «Киев» (Жиляны) .

Сегодня Туристический Киев станет вашим помощником в «завоевании» самых важных киевских аэропортов и транспортировке информации. Давайте закрепим наши пояса и начнем.

Международный аэропорт «Борисполь» ( KBP ) является крупнейшим аэропортом Украины, который будет более 10 миллионов пассажиров в год, среди которых вы могли бы быть! Он имеет очень удобное расположение на окраине города Борисполь, который находится в 35-40 км от центра Киева. В зависимости от ситуации с дорожным движением дорога может занять от 30 до 60 минут. Но давайте шаг за шагом.


Терминал прибытия – D. Как только вы пройдете таможенные процедуры и получите свой багаж, вы сможете воспользоваться банкоматами, обменным пунктом, заказать такси или получить автобус.

Заметка! Иногда багаж теряется, и мы это знаем. Это не наша вина. Успокойся! Вам необходимо обратиться в офис « Потерянный и найденный», расположенный в Зале прибытия в терминал D. Представьте свой идентификационный номер, билет и сохраненную багажную бирку и заполните форму, касающуюся потери багажа.

If you need to manage some questions concerning your return ticket there are Airlines ticket offices of different flying companies on the second floor of the Terminal D.

In addition, there is free Wi-Fi access for all passengers and guests. It comes in handy when you need to confirm your booking or deal with your business. Just switch your Wi-Fi on and select Free Boryspil WiFi network.

The most crucial point for a traveler is to get cash! Don’t worry, you will have an opportunity to exchange your money or get Hryvnia (UAH) using ATMs. If any question arises, you can easily go to bank department situated also on the second floor of Terminal D.

Well, everything goes according to the plan. Now, we need to get to the city center or directly to your hotel or apartment. There are several options: car rental (only with a driving license available); taxi; buses or private transfer if you previously agreed with a local tour agency for this service.

Transport logistics

So, if you are an experienced driver and do like strolling through the city on your own, you can choose among these car rental services:

Europcar (Phone +380 44 220-35-00),

Hertz (Phone +380 44 281-76-16),

Sixt (Phone +380 44 383-00-06),

Budget (Phone +380 44 591-69-87),

Avis (Phone +380 44 591-70-09).

Their offices are located also in Terminal D, 1st floor.


High-level service is provided by official taxi with fixed prices. You will pay according to the taximeter using cash, credit or debit cards. Everything is designed for your convenient and safe drive.

Operations center (044)281-76-44, (097)828-98-64


Getting from Boryspil International Airport to Kiev is also possible by Sky Bus. It is cheap and comfortable to trip. The intervals between routes of Sky Bus are 15 min during the day and 30-45 at night. Journey time – 40-45 min. You can buy a ticket directly from the driver. Sky Bus routing is “Boryspil airport – Kharkivska metro station – Railway station “Pivdenny” and backward: “Railway station “Pivdenny”- Kharkivska metro station – Boryspil airport”.

Operations center +380 95 431-07-17; +380 4595 6-48-14.

By the way, if you need to go to another city there are two companies such as AutoLux and Gunsel which provide long-distance routes.  More information you can find here Airport “Boryspil”, Terminal “D”, 1st floor, room #7 or

AutoLux Contact: +380 44 230-00-71;

Gunsel Contact: +380 93 327-16-04.

International Airport Kyiv IEV (Zhuliany) is another passenger airport. It is not so big but situated directly in Kiev.  Zhuliany is the main business aviation airport, it serves most of the domestic flights, charters and is the home of WizzAir Airlines. There are three terminals: Terminal A – handles international flights, Terminal D – Domestic flights service, and Terminal B – Business terminal.

If you want to be treated like a Royal, you can order “Priority Line” service. It includes personal support, ordered vehicles on the airport parking area, no time wasting in line, luggage packing, registration tickets and baggage, passport and customs control through specially equipped points in the terminal accompanied officer Priority Line and getting passengers from/to the airplane by personal comfortable transport. Price varies from 650 to 1650 UAH for an adult and 327 – 975 UAH for a child. For more information contact +380 67 171 54 54.

If you can’t find your baggage, go straight to Lost&Found office and fill the form. After solving this problem your baggage will be directly delivered to the place you mentioned in the form or fully compensated in the case of being lost.

Lost and Found Service Contact: +38 044 339 26 79

There are several ATMs on the 1st floor of the airport. You can choose the most “profitable” bank or ask for a help directly to the bank official. Currency Exchange service is available at Zhuliany Airport too.

Now, quickly about transportation. If you want to rent a car, use the information provided above (Boryspil International Airport – Transport Logistics – Car Rental).


All cars are business class (cars and vans), by the reservation you can get a premium luxury car. Drivers are professionals and speak English. Ordering taxi service in Zhuliany Airport you can go to any city of Ukraine.


Once it happens that, you are experiencing a problem with taxi ordering, not to worry! You can get to your hotel by public transport and start your exciting journey right now! Read attentively and carefully!

You’ve got your baggage, passport, and money! This is big deal! Now step out from the airport, breath fresh Ukrainian air and be ready to go among the crowd!

We will provide you with several routes and you will choose the most appropriate according to a place of staying.

Main transport connections from International Airport Kyiv:

Bus #169 – Starovokzalna Street (next to Central Railway Station);

Bus #565 – metro station Shuliavska (red line) – metro station Dorogozhychi (green line) – Metro Station Petrivka (blue line);

Bus #486 – metro station Luk’ianivska (green line) – Teremky;

Троллейбус №9 – станция метро L’va Tovstogo (синяя линия);

Цена за поездку составляет 4-6 грн. Метро-токен составляет 5 грн.