Institutskaya street for businessmen and noble Maidens

Institutskaya – one of cenrtral kiev streets that comes through Pechersk Lipki starting from Independance square till Klovskiy descent. The street was established in the end of 18 century. During 19-20 centuries Institutskaya street played important role in political, economic and cultural life of the city. It was the most popular place among economists, businessmen and stockbrokers and got status of financial street. Such commercial institutions as two exchange houses (one of them is stands today with #7), house of Kiev credit community and Kiev department of Government Bank of Russian Empire (today it is National bank of Ukraine) operated here. Spacious manorial estates were replaced by rich mansions (today saved building under #8, 12, 26) and numerous guest houses (till today saved #9, 13/4, 25, 27/6)  .

Another famous building that unfortunately didn’t come to nowadays was Ginzburg’s rental house. It was the first Kiev skyscraper with 11 floors and up to 100 apartments. The guest rooms here had 4 meters ceilings. Unfortunately the house of Ginzburg didn’t survive World War II and was ruined. Today Ukraine hotel takes its place.

Institutskaya street had several names but today it is called after the School for Noble Maidens that was established here in 1838-1842. The School was constructed on a territory of great farmstead owned by General Begichev. In 1934-1941 communists used building as the headquarter of People’s Commissariat of Internal Affaires and the basement served for cruel tortures and murders. After the World War II building was essentially damaged but by 1958 totally reconstructed. Today it is an International Center or Culture and Art.

After the tragic events of Euromaidan in Kiev when 82 people were killed during the confrontation between nation and government a part of Institutskaya street (numbers from 1 to 4) was renamed as the Alley of Heavenly Hundred.

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