Most Interesting and Useful facts about Kyiv

Meeting a person for the first time, what do you pay attention to? You estimate the appearance and try to learn the main facts, some core basic things. The same is about the city you gonna travel to. Start with some simple things and then go further, further…. You need to perceive the city as locals do.

So let’s go through some interesting facts about Kyiv and know it like it is!

  • Do you know that Kiev is one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe, which played the key role in East Slavic civilization? Unfortunately the exact data of Kiev foundation is not known for sure. But Soviet Union government together with Ukrainian historicians determined it to be 482 basing on a legend about Kyi , Sheck, Khoryv and their syster Lybid who came to these lands and established the city. So you can calculate that for today (2018) Kyiv is 1536 yo age.
  • Besides, Kiev is one of the biggest European cities with officially registered population up to 3milion people. And this amount is growing continuously.


  • Kyiv is divided into 10 districts, the central and most historical are Shevshekivskiy, Pechersk and Podyl.
  • The city is an obsession of history! It accommodates 2148 historical and cultural objects, 100 museums, 33 theatres and 140 libraries.
  • Central and most famous street of Ukraininan capital is Khreshchatyk. Notable that it is one of the widest streets on the world reaching from 75 to 100 meters width. But this street is comparatively modern, the infrastructure started to develop here only in the middle of 19 century.

  • The oldest Kyiv streets are Volodymyrska (existing since Kievan Rus era), st. Andrews descent (medieval path from Upper town to Podyl) and Hrushevskoho (based on ancient Ivanivska route that lead from Kyiv to Pechersk Lavra Monastery).
  • Apart from historical places the city has continuous increase of modern attractions in particular murals and sculptures. For example during last 4 years Kyiv was decorated with up to 150 beautiful pictures on the city walls. Seems like our city will become a capital of street art soon!

  • Most famous Kyiv monument is Motherland. Based on the territory of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in WWII it is one of the highest monuments all over the World with 102 m height (higher than NY Statue of Liberty which is 93m).


  • Also Kyiv is a green city with lots of parks, squares, and boulevards. Approximately 20 square meters of greenery per inhabitant! You won’t believe but we have real forest in the city center area.
  • Unofficial symbol of Kiev is a chestnut tree. This wood is very popular and especially beautiful during the blossom. In May you can see the city filled with its marvelous white candles.

  • May is one of the best months for visiting Kyiv. The weather is worm, not too hot yet for walking and everywhere is green. Besides blossoming chestnut you will definitely esteem flowering of tulips and lilac!
  • Find time to visit Hryshko botanic garden. Here on the Dniper slopes you can admire one of the richest lilac expositions. 21 among 28 existing species in the world are presented here.


  • Moreover this garden opens superb panorama to the Dniper, bridges and elegant domes of Vydubitskiy monastery.
  • Kyiv transport! One of the most comfortable variants is taxi. Local prices are very loyal and international system of UBER service will save you from being cheated.
  • But if you still don’t want to waste money for taxi and feel real urban life – take Metro! Subway is the most common transport for citizens, it has rather spacious network of stations and allow reaching destination very fast. The main thing not to get there in rush hour.

  • Notable that every station has its unique design. And Daily Telegraph listed Zoloti Vorota among 22 most beautiful metro stations in Europe!
  • One more highlight of Kyiv metro is Arsenal’na – the deepest station in the world. So buy a token and go “underneath” for 105 meters.
  • Well known fact that Kyiv stretched out at two banks of Dniper. Central and historical part of the city is located on the Right side and left side (residential area) was included to the city boundaries rather recently. As early as 1927 it referred to Chernihiv oblast.

  • Being located on the river Kiev is a city of bridges! We have 8 working bridges that cross Dniper. One of them is Parkovyi Bridge (Pedestrian Bridge) – one of the longest in Europe especially for walkers.
  • Not only rivers flow in Kiev. There is also The Kiev Sea. In fact, it is a reservoir on the Dnieper with an area of 922 km². It was created artificially in 1960th by flooding 52 villages and 92000 hectares of fertile lands. Up to 33000people had to leave their homes. It operates as hydro power station and beyond dispute produces electricity but on the other hand it caused essential fallouts to the balance of nature and ecology.

  • How can we tell a city guide story without mentioning MacDonald’s. The third most visited McDonald’s in the world is in Kiev – near the central train station. However, our piece of advice – you can find a better place for eating (read article below).
  • Most common souvenirs brought from Ukraine are vyshyvankas, motanka dolls, magnets, paintings and objects of national art. But Kyiv city has its own visit card – eatable souvenir – famous Kiev cake. Don’t miss opportunity to bring a piece of Kyiv to your home and share it with your family!

Being ancient city Kyiv is very modern – here there is plenty various trade and international centers, cafes, bars, restaurants and party places where the life is humming 24/7. Kiev is the city of feelings and an incredible atmosphere. This is the city where you can easily fall in love! Once you visit Kiev, this travel will be long lasting and unforgettable! Furthermore, the desire to come and stay here for longer will “haunt” you!

See you…..