TOP destanations and Cities of Ukraine

Tourists who come to Kiev often ask what other cities of Ukraine are worth visiting. Important to note that Ukraine is very rich for amazing natural, cultural and architectural sights. There is a great choice of places to see on any taste and interests – old towns, castles, mountains, lakes, authentic villages and modern resorts.

Although Touristic Kiev prepared a list of must see destinations and cities of Ukraine which represent all the best of our country:

lviv city excursionLviv One of the oldest and most beautiful cities of Ukraine, its cultural center with more then 700yo history . On its narrow strets you will see unique buildings, churches, cathedrals and palaces. Their magnificent looks and excitingstories will immerce you into the atmosphere of medieval times. And one more outstanding thing that makes Lviv so arrtactive for tourism is restaurants! Why? Just come and see! And give day to travel around the city over the castles and other gems of region!


odessa opera theaterOdessa More then just a sea resort. Its a great combination of marvelous architecture of 19 century, biggest Ukrainian Port, city of joy and smiling people and of course biggest party place in Ukraine, especially in summer season. Moreover in a short ride from Odessa there is a massive Akkerman fortress of 13 century and vine factory where you may have a tour and taste best Ukrainian alcohol.



yaremche ukraineCarpathians

marvelous natural hightlight beloved by Ukrainians. This is a must see area for every tourist who want to feel authentic Ukraine with its village life, traditions and delightful landscapes. The region is rather big so you have a rich choice of small town and villages to stay. Here you will find rivers and waterfalls, lakes and thermal resorts, forests and picturesque valleys.


ukraine snowboardBukovel Most popular ski resort in Carpathians. Wide system of modern lifts provide great choice of routs both for beginners and skillful riders. Bukovel boasts well developped leisure infrastructure. Here you may relax in local SPA center, dine in traditional restaurants, party in a nightclub, have fun in karaoke and in live music bar. Moreover the resort actively operates in summer time offering such activities as hourse riding, fishing, tours over the region, bike rides etc.


ukraine tour to kamenets podolskiyKamenets-Podolskiy beautiful city fortress, surrounded by canyon with river, severe cliffs and numerous bridges leading to the main attractions of the town. The most famous highlight that attracts tourists from Ukraine and all over the world is amazing castle built in medieval times in the center of town. And if you got a chance to come here, dont miss opportunity to visit another Hotyn fortress and Bakota village located just one hour ride from Kamanets-Podolskiy.



small town in Zakarpattia attractive for narrow cozy streets and featured with another marvelous castle Palanok. This is nice place for relaxing calm walks and has short distance to famous thermal resorts of Beregovo and Kosino – modernly equipped spa centers with natural mineral waters where you may treat your body and spirit.


батуринChernihiv region destination that boasts a whole list of attractions. First of all you are welcome to Chernihiv – ancient city with rich history and numerous historical gems; Kachanovka – national reservation with marvelous palace of 18 century and park; and of course Baturin – inapresiable and etalon memorial of Kosaks era, this city established in 16 century served as a recidence for many kosak hetmans. Moreover the region features with gorgeous blue lakes, which cristal clean waters are surronded by dense pine forest – great place to spend worm summer day.

Bukskiy Canyon unique natural sight of Ukraine, great place to spend a summer days in a nature. This picturesque area is known for active and extreme tourism where beside swimming and cayaking people amuze with riding trolleys, rope jumping, cliff diving and rock-climbing. This is a perfect place for camping where evenings pass by under the stars and featured by guitar songs by the fire



In this article we gave you  the most popural directions for tourism in Ukraine, but the list of what to see in Ukraine is not limited with it. There are much more hidden gems and in later posts we will disclose them to you. In any case even now you have rather good choice for travel destinations noting that each of these places needs at least two-tree days travel for making you full understanding of their value.

And hope our article Cities of ukraine was helpful to you