Most Beautiful Kiev streets

Kiev city is full of cultural and architectural sights. Easy to get lost in all the variety of routs and destinations. But here you may find most beautiful Kiev streets that you definitely should see being here!

St. Andrews descent – one of the most mysterious, beautiful and famous Kiev streets. Since middle ages it was the shortest way connecting Upper Town with Podil area. Today here you may find gorgeous st.Andrews church, Richard the Lion castle, Bulgakov museum , One street museum , numerous art galleries, antiquary and souvenir shops. The street saved unique atmosphere of old city where you can walk, buy traditional Ukrainian souvenirs and take a rest in one of cozy restaurants.

st Andrews descent kiev

Volodymyrska street – oldest Kiev street that started existence in the 10th century today having 3 kilometers long. In middle ages it was the main city street passing along Yaroslav the Wize town and Volodymyr the Great town.  It lead from the main entrance – Golden Gates to the main Kiev temple – st. Sophia Cathedral and kings palaces of Upper Town.

In 19 century city was rapidly growing and construction works grasped the areas after the Golden Gates. In 1837-42 Kiev Shevchenko University (first name King’s Volodymyr university) was established on the street. Then followed such important buildings like fire station, Government Agencies, city Theater, street called Volodymyrska. The final longtitude and appearance the street got at the beginning of 20 century and didn’t get any essential changes.


Khreshchatyk – is the main street of Kiev city. It is the shortest (1,3 kilometers) and the widest (up to100 meters) main street in the world and passes over three squares – European square, Independence square (Maidan Nezalizhnosti) and Bessarabska square. Khreshchatyk as the street started existence only at the end of 18th – beginning of 19th century.  The first building was constructed here in 1797 and by the end of 19 century Khreshchatyk was mostly built up. Kiev actively developed and city trade and economic functions slowly moved to Khreshchatyc. The shops, boutiques, banks and offices were concentrated here thus the street became a city business center.

During the World War II Khreshchatic was totally ruined. In 1948 a project of Khreshchatic reconstruction started. Original structure of streets was saved but the buildings were totally new made in “stalin ampir” style.  From the beginning of 1990th the street on weekends gets closed for automobiles and becomes pedestrian.

khreshchatyk street

Gorodetskoho is small cozy street in Kiev city center that saved a charm of 19-20 centuries. One of the most beautiful streets in Europe with glorious buildings and fashionable block-stone pavement started existence in 1895. Before, this territory belonged to the spacious farmstead of famous doctor Fridrikh Merengh. But after his death the properties were sold and divided into the new streets.  Gorodetskogo street became one of them. From the beginning It became a center of bohemian life and kept this status till nowadays.   It had several names but nowadays it is called after talented Kiev architect Vladislav Gorodetskiy. The first in Europe two story building of circus appeared here in 1903.

gorodetskoho street

Grushevskoho street – one of the central kiev streets in elite Lipki district placing numerous cultural and administrative buildings. The street appeared on a place of medieval route that connected Kiev Pechersk Lavra monastery with ancient Kiev city (upper town). The constructions started here from the middle of 18 century. Originally Grushevskoho street was much longer. It connected Pechersk with Podil and included todays Volodymyr descent and Sagaidachnoho street. Only in 1934 the street was divided into three parts and got its modern size. Today the street starts from European square and goes till Arsenalna.

Left side of Grushevskoho street mostly contains the parks chain –  in particular Mariinskiy, Khreshchatiy parks and City Garden.  But also here you may find national Parliament library, Lobanovskiy football stadium, the house of parliament and mariinskii palace. On the right hand there are National arts museum of Ukraine, Cabinet of ministers and the mansions of 20th century


Sahaidachnoho – one of the most popular streets on Podil. More than 200 years it connects Post and Contract squares. On account of its location nearby the port it always kept a commercial character. Sahaidachnoho street always placed numerous offices, agencies, bars and residential hotels. During the existence the street experienced numerous changes. Several times it changed name, looks and length. It got the present structure after the fire of 1811. In 1820-1830th the street was built up with 1-2 story buildings that were made of stone on the bottom and wooden by the top. By the beginning of 20th century all buildings were reconstructed and got todays style. Almost all of them came till nowadays and have important historical and architectural value.

The street got the present name in 1989 in honor to great hetman Petro Konashevich Sahaidachniy famous for outfighting Turkish-Tatar army in 1620 near Khotyn. He was also highly respected for supporting Ukrainian culture and orthodox religion.

Today the street is mostly known for numerous restaurants, cafes and clubs. On weekends the street gets closed for traffic and becomes pedestrian.

sahaidachnoho street

 Institutskaya – one of cenrtral kiev streets that comes through Pechersk Lipki starting from Khreshchatic till Klovskiy descent. The street was established in the end of 18 century. During 19-20 centuries Institutskaya street was the most popular place among economists, businessmen and stockbrokers and got status of financial street. Such commercial institutions as two exchange houses, house of Kiev credit community and Kiev department of Government Bank of Russian Empire were built and operated here.

This Kiev street changed several names but today it is called after the School for Noble Maidens that was established here in 1838-1842. After the World War II building was essentially damaged but by 1958 totally reconstructed. Today it is an International Center or Culture and Art.

institutskaya street

We wish you to enjoy discovering most beautiful Kiev streets or join our CITY TOURS  that cover the above mentioned areas .